Successful supply chain design, including how Supply Chain Partners are chosen, is fundamental to achieving a healthy and high performing supply chain. Organisations should promote innovation in the supply chain and seek to constantly improve the design based on past experience.

The Organisation Can Demonstrate and Supply Chain Partners Can Validate:


How it has considered using a range of organisations in its supply chains in terms of sector, size and legal status to help support the achievement of the commissioner’s/procurer’s objectives and contractual requirements.


That it has effective strategies in place to deliver comprehensive support services to stakeholders, customers and partners through the use of wider networks beyond the formal supply chain.


How its consultation with potential Supply Chain Partners informs the initial and ongoing design of the supply chain and its activities.


That the design of supply chains encourages Supply Chain Partners to operate collaboratively, with open participation and resource sharing across the network to deliver comprehensive services.


That the design of the supply chain involves mutual agreement upon a set of core principles and behaviours, including a commitment to equality and diversity, which are embedded in organisational practices.


That it reviews and evolves supply chain design to meet the changing needs of both customers and commissioners/procurers.