Successful supply chain design, including how Supply Chain Partners are chosen, is fundamental to achieving a healthy and high performing supply chain. Organisations should promote innovation in the supply chain and seek to constantly improve the design based on past experience.

The Organisation Can Demonstrate and Supply Chain Partners Can Validate:


That it has clear communication channels to ensure that there is clarity in the business relationships underpinning the supply chain arrangements.


That it has created a culture across the supply chain in which communication is open, honest and without unreasonable constraint; and interactions between the Organisation’s and Supply Chain Partners’ staff remain positive and supportive throughout the life of the contract.


That it has clear, two-way channels in place for regular performance review, including recognising and supporting innovation, raising issues and discussing concerns.


That it has robust Management Information Systems which produce consistent, accurate and appropriate performance information that is shared across the supply chain.


How its established processes (including but not limited to collection of Management Information) measure, encourage and support performance improvement in Supply Chain Partners.


That it proactively identifies, shares and monitors cases of practice within the supply chain to improve performance and service delivery.


That it has an effective and inclusive process for generating an annual continuous improvement plan and action plan, including a robust review of performance and quality assurance.