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Merlin Standard

The purpose of the Merlin Standard is to support the development, recognition and promotion of sustainable excellence, and positive partnership working within supply chains.

The Merlin Standard for delivering excellence in supply chain management is built upon 8 fundamental and integrated Principles: Design, Procure, Contract, Funding, Develop, Performance Manage, QA & Compliance, and Review & Close. Within each Principle, there are a number of Criteria, which provide a structured approach to achieving excellence in supply chain management.

Diagram of the Merlin Standards 8 Principles

“…I think we’re managed in a more robust way now - not micromanaged though, we’re left to get on with what we do best.”


“…the up front communications were really good & we went in to the contracting with our eyes wide open.”


“…it’s a perfect relationship. They are always at the end of a phone & always offer to come out & support us.”


No. of SCP's working within Contracts

Accredited Prime Contractors

No. of Contracts Assessed

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