Merlin Standard Update – Nov 2014

The Merlin Standard has now been in operation for almost 3 years and DWP Work Programme primes contractors, the very first organisations to be assessed, have completed their first 2-year accreditation cycle and all have successfully undertaken their second Merlin assessment.

Results were impressive, with most demonstrating significant improvement and 17 of the 18 assessed achieving better outcomes. Eight achieved ‘Excellent’, of which two showed remarkable progress moving from a previously ‘Satisfactory’ rating. Of the rest, all except one were rated ‘Good’.

Merlin accredited organisations are expected to strive for continuous improvement by addressing areas highlighted for improvement in their assessment reports, and to ensure Merlin Principles are being followed throughout all tiers of the supply chain.

It is clear that the introduction of Merlin has positively influenced the formation, management and development of supply chains, as good practices incorporated in the Standard are embedded in service delivery.

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