Raising the Bar in Supply Chain Management

The Merlin Standard has been improving the quality of supply chain management for Prime
Contractors to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for the last 5 years. Now the
Standard itself has undergone a refresh to improve further the effectiveness of the
assessment process and bring it in line with current requirements.

There are currently 43 Merlin Prime Organisations that have proved their suitability to
manage contracts using a supply chain in a fair and equitable manner. The refreshed Merlin
Standard will ensure that the level of supply chain management continues to meet current
best practice and the needs of the DWP in terms of value for tax payers’ money.
Assessment Services Limited have been licensed by the DWP to ensure a high-quality
assessment is delivered against the Merlin Standard. DWP and Assessment Services will
continue to work together to cover the period of delivering the next round of assessments
against the refreshed Standard.

Kathy Leahy, Managing Director of Assessment Services said, “It is important that a refresh
of a Standard continues to challenge organisations to improve their performance as well as
encompass any new legislation required of businesses. We are delighted to continue to
work with the DWP to ensure that the Merlin Standard remains fit for purpose. The
integrity of the Merlin Standard is vital to ensure effective supply chain management, and
we will continue to work with the DWP to ensure that this is maintained.”


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