Gateshead Trading Company

Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 February, 2020

GTC – the Organisation, is a company limited by guarantee established in 2009 and owned by Gateshead Council (the Council). The Council is part of a combined authority (7 councils in total) that covers a large part of the North East of England. The Organisation has projects across the North East of England, developing and delivering services to meet the needs of the local people and communities they work with. It works in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations to meet shared goals and make a positive impact on society with the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) programme being its main activity. GTC is the prime provider for the extended Phase 2 delivery of the DWP NEA scheme in Contract Package Area (CPA) 7 North East England from April 2019 to the end of March 2021. This is building on the success of the Phase 1 and 2 delivery and continues with the strong theme of partnership working and collaboration across the supply chain.