Supply Chain Partners

Healthy and high performing supply chains impact directly on the experience of the customer and the society in which supply chains operate. Supply Chain Partners should expect to be valued for their contribution to meeting quality of service and performance objectives.

Benefits of the Merlin Standard for Supply Chain Partners

Prime Contractors who are working towards or have achieved accreditation against the Merlin Standard must demonstrate to themselves and their Supply Chain Partner / Subcontractors that:

  • There is a culture of continuous improvement established across the supply chain
  • They are keen to gain an improved understanding of supply chain issues
  • Employee development (within both the Organisation and Supply Chain Partners) is having a positive impact on building a ‘team’ approach to contract delivery
  • Independent validation of achievement in the provision of supply chain excellence is important
  • The importance on continued improvements to communications across the supply chain
  • Positive behaviours are acknowledged as being vital to developing and sustaining high performing supply chains

Contributing to a Merlin Assessment

The assessments are undertaken by a team of Assessors, led by a Lead Assessor who will select a representative sample of Supply Chain Partners to be interviewed over the onsite assessment period. If you are invited to talk to a member of the Assessment team, you will have the opportunity to share your views and experiences on a range of topics including the commissioning process, how effectively the supply chain works together, contracting and funding arrangements, communications, quality assurance and performance.

The contribution of Supply Chain Partners is fundamental to the assessment process. By taking part in your Prime Contractor’s Merlin assessment you will have an opportunity to highlight what is working well within the supply chain – as well as highlighting any potential area for improvement. Through this, you will be able to influence behaviours and ensure better management of your supply chain.

Discussions generally last no longer than an hour and, while the Assessor will take notes, all information shared is treated in confidence, therefore there is no need to worry about repercussions based on the information provided.

Want to be Involved?

If you wish to contribute to any of the pending assessments listed on this website, please email with your contact details and those of the Prime Contractor you wish to discuss. Also please explain the nature of the relationship you have with Organisation. i.e. Supply Chain Partner with a contract in place, unsuccessful in the bidding process, partner but with no current contract in place etc.

Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Merlin Lead Assessor who will contact you.


If you have a Merlin-related dispute, i.e. to do with the behaviour of your Prime Contractor regarding the Principles described in the Merlin Standard, which remains unresolved after going through the Prime Contractor’s internal dispute resolution process, please visit theComplaints and Mediation section which shows you the various options for taking the matter forward.

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